Galactosaemia Research

A multicentre collaborative paper including anonymous consented information from a total of 509 individuals with Classical Galactosaemia including 70 Irish participants which describes the outcomes of individuals treated for Classical Galactosaemia has recently been published in the prestigious journal, ‘Orphanet Journal of Rare Diseases’. Financial assistance for this study was provided by a grant from the Irish Health Research Board with Prof. Eileen Treacy as the Principal Investigator.

Prof. Treacy would like to thank all the individuals and families who participated in this study at both NCIMD CHI-Temple St Childrens Hospital and the from the adult Galactosaemia metabolic clinic (Prof Treacy’s clinic) at NCIMD Mater Misericordiae University Hospital.

Prof. Knerr would like to thank all children and adolescents and their families who participated at Children’s Health Ireland and also our multidisciplinary team. We gratefully acknowledge the on-going support of our research projects from the patients and their families. For further information please contact us at

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