Inpatients Department

St. Brigid’s WardInpatientward is a high dependency ward allocated specifically for the care of children with inherited metabolic disorders. The ward team includes a Clinical Nurse Manager II, staff nurses, student nurses, healthcare assistants, ward clerk and play specialist. Click here for more information.

Play Specialist

A play specialist is available while your child is an inpatient. They use play to help children understand and cope with the hospital environment.

Admission & Discharge

A member of the metabolic team will arrange for your child’s admission to the ward. You will receive a letter with the date of the admission. Your child’s discharge will be planned and discussed with you during your child’s hospital stay. Please ask any questions you may have. More information on admissions and discharges is available on the main hospital website – click here for full details.

Special Investigations

St. Brigid’s ward carries out special investigations for children who may have a suspected metabolic disorder. The investigations your child may need will be explained to you by the metabolic team. Please click on the links below for more information on some of the special investigations.