As part of the service provided in the National Centre for Inherited Metabolic Disorders, children and parents can access a psychologist.

The psychologists are available to meet with families who are newly diagnosed with a metabolic condition and are then available for help when needed afterwards.

Examples of the type of assistance offered:

  • Developmental assessments where there are concerns regarding development.  Referral for further assessment, such as speech and language therapy, can be made if necessary.
  • Advice and support on managing aspects of a child’s behaviour that are causing concern from time to time.  Children are quick to pick up on the importance of the diet and this can be a source of concern for parents.  Children can sometimes act up about taking their special drinks or food or medications and parents may need some support in managing this and encouraging their child to lead as normal a life as possible.
  • Psychological assessments when there is a concern about a child’s progress in school.  The psychologist can also liaise with school staff and forward reports if required.
  • Individual support for older children and adolescents in relation to living with their particular conditions, managing their diet and achieving independence is provided. Group sessions are run from time to time.
  • A psychology service is available both to patients who attend the Outpatients’ Dept. and to patients who are in-patients within the hospital