Play Specialist

JillHello, my name is Jill. I am a Hospital Play Specialist.

I work part-time with children and young people with a wide range of metabolic conditions. My main focus is the emotional and developmental play needs of infants, children and teenagers that are in hospital. I work with all the members of the metabolic team to assess your individual child’s needs.

I use methods of therapeutic play, medical play and diversionary play to help children understand and cope with the hospital environment, medical procedures and their new diagnosis. I provide them with ways to express their feelings and gain a sense of control. You will meet me on St. Brigid’s ward.

I work with children/young people on an outpatient basis around education through play on their condition and or diet. I develop strategies alongside parents/care-givers on coping with bloods or challenges taking medication or drinks.

Please ask your nurse if you would like to meet with me. You can contact me directly through the main hospital number on: 01 8784200 and ask them to page number 709.