Video Consultations


Children’s Health Ireland at Temple Street are now using Attend Anywhere for video consultations. It is a simple and secure way to see your child’s doctor, nurse or health and social care professional and will save you time and travel.

We will only offer a video consultation appointment if we think this is a good alternative to attending for a face to face appointment.  If you and your child would prefer to participate in a video consultation, please discuss this with your healthcare professional who will advise on the next steps.

Sometimes it will still be necessary to come into CHI if we need to examine your child or do some other tests. If you would prefer to have a face to face appointment instead, you can choose this instead of a video consultation.

How to Use Attend Anywhere

You will receive an appointment letter from CHI with the date and time of your child’s appointment, then just follow these steps

Step 1

Set up and test your equipment before your child’s appointment.

  • You will need a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone as well as a good internet connection to take part in the video consultation. You will need to make sure the camera and microphone are working.
  • You will need either Google Chrome or Apple Safari as your internet browser and the following versions are needed for Attend Anywhere to work:
    • For Google Chrome – Windows 7+, Android 5.1+, MacOS 10.11+
    • For Apple Safari – MacOS 10.12+, iOS 11.4+, iPadOS 13+
      Attend Anywhere will not work on Internet Explorer.
  • If you are using your smartphone, please note that a video consultation using Attend Anywhere will use a similar amount of data to other video calling applications such as Skype or FaceTime.
  • A couple of days before, and on the morning of your child’s appointment, you should test your equipment is working by following the link to Attend Anywhere and choosing ‘Test Call’. This will test your internet connection, microphone, speaker and camera.

Test your device:

  • Click on the Test Call button below and follow the instructions

Having trouble connecting? Click here to read our troubleshooting guide.

Step 2

On the day of your child’s appointment, make sure you are set up for your video consultation.

  • You should choose a well lit, private room. Avoid sitting with your back to a window as this will make it hard to see you on camera.
  • Turn off any background noise such as televisions or radios so that everyone can hear clearly.
  • You may need to have some information ready for your child’s appointment such as a list of medications, symptom history, weight and height. Your appointment letter will have more information about this.
  • You might also want to write down any questions you have for your child’s clinical team.

Step 3

About 5-10 minutes before your child’s appointment time, click below go to the virtual waiting room.

CHI at Temple Street – OPD Waiting Area


Note: Please do not enter a virtual waiting room if you do not have a planned appointment as it will not be possible to see a member of your child’s healthcare team.