PKU Results Texting

In an effort to improve services, the dietitians in NMobileCIMD have been piloting a service where a group of children have been receiving a text regarding their Phe levels. This has now been rolled out to all patients attending Temple Street Childrens University Hospital. If a blood result is within the normal range, the parent/guardian receives a text message to inform them that the result is normal and no change is required. If the result is abnormal, a text message is sent requesting the parent/guardian to call the Metabolic Dietitians. The exceptions to this are: Maternal PKU patients, Babies < 2 years and Late Diagnosed PKU patients. If your child has PKU and you have not signed up for this texting system, please download the following form: Consent form for PKU texting and return a signed copy via email to or send via post to Anne Clark, Metabolic Dietitian Manager, Temple Street Children’s University Hospital, Temple Street, Dublin 1.

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