Low Protein Product Corner

This short video shows some of our children learning to cook with low protein foods!

The following corner will contain information on products available in shops that would be suitable for those on low protein diets:

Low Protein Christmas Foods

Low Protein Halloween Treats 2017

BraveBuds Challenge

July’s Bravebud Challenge with Carly the Carrot

June’s BraveBuds Challenge with Suzy the Strawberry

May’s BraveBuds Challenge with Piper the pepper

April’s BraveBuds Challenge with Peppa the Pineapple

March’s BraveBuds Challenge with  Caleb the Cucumber

Brave Buds Challenge Star Chart

Low Protein Manufactured Food List 2017

Fruit and Vegetable Update April 2016

Low Protein Cheeses

Low Protein Chocolate Treats

Low Protein Easter Eggs 2017

Low protein Xotic deluxe dessert

Simplified Low Protein Diet Sheet